WHO: Angelo Cerrone-Singer, Actor, Liturgical Musician
One World Artists Management
Contact: David Musial
Release Date 12/12/15
Label: One World Artists, LLC
Producer: David Musial
Recording dates 1996-1998
"My Way" 5/18/1998
Original Music Publisher: OneWam Music BMI
All "cover songs" including "My Way" Licensed via  www.EasySongLicensing.com
All net proceeds directed to the "NextGen Stars®" Scholarship
Official WebSite AngeloCerroneMusic.com
Official Facebook Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/AngeloCerroneMusic
Angelo Performanes, Shows and Awards

2014-2015, NextGen Stars® TV Show, Documentary about his musical career.
2009 Broadway Review, Egewater, NJ
2008 Nominated Best Supporting Actor in the New Jersey Perry Awards, "Arsenic & Old Lace"
2007 Best Male Lead Actor in the New Jersey Perry Awards, "Messugah Nuns", Weehawken Elks, Club
1998 "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence", National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE), United States Department of Education and Justice, RIAA, Emmy Award for MTV
1997 Current, Song Leader, Saint Francis RC Church, Hoboken
1996-1998 Recorded "He's Alive" Album (produced by David Musial)
1997 Sang a demo for a national "PEPSI" Radio Commercial
1996-1996 created character voices for the "Baydog" Cartoon Series (produced by David Musial)
1996 Sang the National Anthem, for the 150th Anniversary of Baseball (produced by David Musial)
1996 Sang for Pope John Paul II in Giants Stadium
1995 Sang on "Spread Peace All Over The World", used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary
1990-1997 Song Leader/Soloist, Sts Peter & Paul RC Church, Hoboken, David Musial-Director
1985-1990 Song Leader/Soloist, Sts Peter & Paul RC Church, Hoboken, Bob Meyers-Director
1985 Lake Tahoe, 2nd place Talent Contest
1985  A Funnything Happened om the way to the Forum, hoboken, Miles Gloriosus
1979 Lead role in the musical "Oklahoma", Bayonne, NJ

John Carlo Menotti, HB Studios, 10 Bank St,  NYC
David Sorin Collier



Angelo Cerrone is a humble, yet incredibly dynamic talent in a variety of styles of music, stages and even in character voice creations for animated cartoons. Angelo is a very strong, high tenor, who also has been blessed with a dramatic camera friendly appearance, and has been casted in many theatrical productions. He has a great ability to improvise and has natural pitch control. As demonstrated several times on this project, Angelo has been blessed with powerful lungs, which can support very long, high notes with power, vibrato (when needed) and elegance. He has a natural gift to harmonize, so he sings many of his own harmonies. Angelo has starred in many theatrical productions and even won FIRST PLACE as the "BEST MALE LEAD ACTOR in the State of New Jersey for the prestigious "Perry Awards". Angelo sang on the unique "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence" campaign by the United States Department of Education that won an EMMY AWARD for MTV! Angelo sang on the song "Spread Peace All Over The World" which was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary. He sang for Pope John Paul II in Giants Stadium. Angelo also sang the National Anthem for the 150th Anniversary of Baseball. He has a fun sense of humor and I directed him in the creation of many cartoon character voices form the "Baydog Cartoon" Series.

Angelo has sung at thousands of masses and services in churches in his liturgical career, including weddings and funerals. In 1998, producers from the ABC TV Show called Angelo twice and said that they wanted him to appear on the show representing the city of Hoboken as the "next" talent to be launched from here. Respectfully, he refused the amazing offer. Angelo received a call from Fr. Michael to sing at a "funeral;l" service that just "came in" at Saint Francis RC Church, in Hoboken, where he was (and still is) a regular Song Leader. Angelo knew Frank Sinatra and his family. Angelo asked Fr. Michael if it was anyone he knew. The answer was it was the PUBLIC MEMORIAL SERVICE for FRANK SINATRA. Angelo was asked to sing  "MY WAY" at the recessional.

There were many national TV camera's and reporters at the event. I was Angelo's business manager and main producer at the time. I am also a professional recording engineer & liturgical musician who has performed over 100 services with Angelo in Hoboken in churches. I recorded Angelo singing close up with a classic "Sanken SM7" Stereo Condenser Microphone into a CD quality digital tape machine. I immediately sent the recording to the U.S Copyright Office and registered it as (p) 5/18/1998. It was put into a vault, NEVER RELEASED to the public in any fashion, until now 12/12/15. This recording is resisted with IDBLM 020230 for all U.S. © Mechanical and Streaming Royalties to be paid to the registered publishers. 10% of net proceeds will be donated to Saint Francis RC Church, in Hoboken, NJ 07030 and the balance of the net proceeds will be directed to the soon to be 501c3 non-profit charity, "NextGen Stars®" Scholarship, where college interns and assistants will be paid to help produced the "Next Generation of Stars".  (You can order physical CD's below.)

David Musial, Manager




There are 18 amazing tracks on this album (recorded between 1996-1998), but the most unusual track is the last song "My Way". His producer Prof. David Musial, at the public memorial service for the Legendary Frank Sinatra, recorded it. Angelo was a song leader at Saint Francis Church in Hoboken, NJ at the time (and currently as well), and Angelo was selected to sing this song at the end of the service. This service was shortly after the private funeral, so it basically was the last musical experience for Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken and he had attended this church. Details about this song may be found below.

Why such diversity on this album you might wonder? Well, it’s because back in 1998, Angelo was signed to One World Artists Management for additional artist development and promotion. This company is based in Jersey City and services the NYC Metro Area, (and tours if they evolve.) He was assigned to Producer David Musial, who like Angelo, has worked extensively in the professional liturgical and commercial music worlds. Musial also had many animated cartoon projects he was producing which often needed singers and crazy character voices. In a quick summary, one day in the summer of 2015, Musial came across a CD on the shelf in a storage room for his recording studio from 1998, and it had all of these tracks on it. Musial used it as an artist “demo portfolio”. Angelo sat down with David and they listened and reflected, and then David suddenly remembered that he “locked” the master recording of Angelo singing “My Way” is a safe, and then thought, “Hey, we never did anything with this rare, collators-like recording. With all of the press reminding the world that Frank Sinatra would have bee 100 years old this year, and that Hoboken where he was born (but apparently he also lived in Jersey City, where Musial lives) it suddenly made sense to release it on December 12, 2015! In this creative session, the two looked at their catalog, and David said why don’t we release a collection of your best works from 1998 like the “lost studio sessions?” So this is it. All authentic. No new tracks, no new photos, just a title change to sum it all up: “THIS IS MY WAY”!

Musial was hired by Angelo to produce an 18 songs Liturgical Album titled “He’s Alive”. (A song title from the album.) Musial composed some these songs. Angelo also recorded several pop songs in the ballad and dance format for traditional record company submissions. David played all of the instruments through digital sampling keyboards and his specialty of MIDI/Music Technology. Musial was con-currently producing a brother and sister children’s act named Manny & Joy (MJ) Medina, also from Hoboken. They all attend Saints Peter and Paul Church from 1990-1997, when Musial was the Music Director. So often times, Angelo helped the kids by singing some backing tracks on their kid’s album in the works. This is how the song recording of “Trick Or Treat” evolved, and “Fans On Strike”, they overlapped sessions at SkyRoom Studios! As friends, they improvised! In 1995 Manny & Angelo sang on the song “Spread Peace All Over The World” which Musial produced, and it was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary! Manny & Angelo actually did vocal work on the theme song Musial composed and Produced- “Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence” campaign for the United States Department of Education. This project went on to win an Emmy Award for MTV in 1998/1999!

Also in 1998, the City of Hoboken celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the creation of BASEBALL. Angelo was given the amazing honor to sing the National Anthem in City Hall. Musial produced a unique orchestral emulation with his MIDI Orchestra and he crafted in musical motifs from the anthem “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. Musial penned the ballad “Eternally” for Angelo, the songs “Sometimes When We Touch” and “Take These Broken Wings” were favorites of Angelo, so Musial arranged them to make his voice naturally shine.

The Liturgical Transition. As full-time church vocalists since his very early years, singing 5 to 10 masses/services a week, the count easily goes into the thousands. Angelo also sings in Latin, Italian and Spanish. They selected some of the great standards and Musial located some dynamic Contemporary Christian “hits” like the “Highest Praise” & “Great Is The Lord” which are simply just majestic! The title track of his liturgical album “He’s Alive” tells the intense story of Christ’s rising, and the arrangement brings goose bumps to just about any listener.

Musial composed a “Mass” in the mid 1980’s he titled “One World”. It was a very easy to sing, up in beat and popular request at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Hoboken from 1990 to 1997, so Angelo recorded a version where he also sang all of the harmonies. In 1985 Musial was the music director for a church in Buffalo, NY. David always selects hymns, which match both the readings of the day and the holiday seasons. One Sunday the Gospel of John was scheduled and it included the words “ I Am The Way, The Life and The Truth”. David could not find any hymns in the church’s hymnal, which had these words in a song title or in the text. So he took on the challenge to compose this hymn. Angelo recorded a beautiful, dramatic rendering. David’s mother Terry passed away shortly after in 1998. Angelo and his wife flew to Buffalo with the soundtrack mix (full MIDI Orchestra with no lead vocal), and Angelo sang it through a wonderful sound system, at Saint John Vianney Church, in Orchard Park, NY near the Buffalo Bills Football Stadium. All were in awe for this wonderful tribute to David’s mom.

A little about Professor David Musial: a Musician, Composer, Music & Video Producer

Musial has worked on over 125 albums: 3 Platinum & 7 Gold. The commercial “Oreo Twist” soundtrack he recorded for Nabisco in 1990 with “Chubby Checker”, earned a “Brammy Award”. His Smart Trax® Educational Media venture was endorsed by the NY State PTA, A Partnership for a Drug Free America and DARE International. In 1998 the score he created and produced for the National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE) for the U.S. Department of Education, earned an Emmy Award for MTV. In 2010 the United States Department of Justice presented Musial a unique award for “Promoting Positive Messages To Our Youth Through Music”. In 2014 his hometown presented David (along with the president of MTV) the prestigious “Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award”.

David was born in Buffalo, NY in 1960. His Dad Alfred Arthur “Art” enjoyed both Musical and Film/Video Art! He was born with the gift to be able to play music by “ear”. He never had a lesson, and could just sit down and play the keys! David’s mom apparently also played (but never in the presence of anyone!) David’s earliest memory of music was a small illuminated Church Christmas decoration, is Mom would place on low in height tables in the living room. It had a music box inside that played Silent Night! When David was 7, his dad traded in the broken down old upright piano he had, and bought a small, entry-level home organ. It came with some “free” lessons. David “begged” to take them. He did. The teacher was awful. David’s parents approached Jane Liskiewicz, the Polish Pipe Organist at the Polish Church the Polish family attended, and hired her to teach David music. At age 10, she “slipped” a church hymn into David’s weekly lesson plan. She said it would be “good” to increase his diversity in styles. A week later she ordered David to come to the church for an evening “novena” service and to play it. She said she would take over if he made a mistake. David played; it worked, ok… off to play basketball! Not so, the next morn the principal of the school made him play the children’s mass, and then a few months later he was hired FULL-TIME, because his teacher got married and moved away!

David went on to study all types of music and eventually was presented private sponsorships to the Juilliard School of Music and to New York University for a proposed Doctorate in Music Technology. He was offered a prestigious Teaching Fellowship where he eventually was hired as a permanent Adjunct Professor. Musial created courses at NYU and won Instructor-Of-The-Year, (3 Times in the 1990’s while producing this album!) Professor Musial was hired to create the new Bachelors Degree In Music Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. He created all of the courses, hired all of the faculty, recruited most of the students, created a student owned Media/Record company, and then volunteered to assist the Bob Moog Foundation. He inspired the “Student Division” and was titled “Director Of Academic Membership and Development”. Musial’s curriculum won 2nd place at the Best Colleges Organization as “Most Innovative” in 2012.

In 2011 he launched “Project Eleven”, where he encouraged 11 college/high school aged musicians to compose and record songs to say “Thank You” to our soldiers since 9/11 and it was launched on 11/11/11 Veterans Day. He later produced a concert on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the NY Harbor on Memorial Weekend, on national radio. In 2012 he produced the original cast album for the Off-Broadway Musical “Honestly Abe (Lincoln)”. He produced the theme song for Kenmare Alternative High School for Women at the York Street Project near Jersey City Hall in 2013. I this period he produced two children’s albums for Carol Lester the “Bubble Queen”. In 2015 Musial produced the original cast album for the NYC Thespis Festival Musical “Find The Golden Bird” and he produced the dramatic videos for the NYC Musical “The Dreaming”. Between 2007 and 2015, Musial produced a variety of sessions for Broadway/Opera star N’Kenge. He has produced four albums and many mastic videos for rising star Brady®, who has graced countless stages in Canada and America from Disney to Carnegie Hall, Hall of heroes in the Pentagon. Musial has produced a multitude of records, shows and videos for Manny & Joy (MJ) Media and a diverse array of artists through his “Skate Dance/Smart Trax” ventures. Some shows have been in parades, rinks, sports arenas, Disney and more.

Musial is currently developing an extensive catalog of TV shows for his NextGen Stars® concept.


The NextGen Stars® show is pleased to present academic scholarship opportunities to the "Next Generation of Stars". A non-profit division is being established and gifts-of-kind, will be used to establish PAID internship opportunities for instructors and producers "in-training", to assist creating projects for our next generation.

The first scholarship fund will be from any of the net profits generated by the sale of the sound recording owned by David Musial (p)1998 Form SR, of the song "My Way". It was composed by Claude François, Jacques Revaux, Gilles Thibault & Paul Anka. It was made famous by Frank Sinatra. One World Artists ANGELO CERRONE sang this as a very rare, unique tribute at the PUBLIC MEMORIAL SERVICE for FRANK SINATRA, at Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church, in Hoboken, NJ on May 18, 5:30 PM, 1998. Prof. Musial was the Manager for Angelo Cerrone as a recording artist and entertainer. Musial was in the process of producing many recordings for Angelo at this time, as well as producing cartoon character voices with him. Musial (who is also a professional church musician since 1970) placed a very high quality professional stereo microphone, just inches away from his lips, and recorded it digitally CD Quality, as he sang these songs at the Memorial Mass for Francis Albert (Frank) Sinatra. THIS WAS THE ONLY CLOSE MIC RECORDING of the HIGH QUALITY made at this unique event. David Musial immediately prepared it and registers a U.S. Sound Recording Copyright, and "locked it into a vault". It has NEVER been released anywhere until December 12, 2015, the 100th Birthday Celebration of Frank Sinatra.


  David has the understanding that there is some type of charity which benefits children from the estate, so David decided to establish a fund which may help college students help the Next Generation of Children become "Stars" in their own field! Details about how to qualify and when the funds will be distributed, will be published on this page in early 2016, as the fund is properly established and registered as a 501c3.
David Musial & Angelo Cerrone have established a royalty paying account #IDBLM20230 with the "Easy Song Licensing" company (EasySongLicensing.com) through the assistance of the agent Aaron Green, so proper Mechanical Rights Royalties of this song as a Physical (CD), Download (CDbaby/iTunes etc.) Stream (Spotify/Rhapsody etc) will be paid to the registered owner of the publishing rights: Composed by Paul Anka, Claude Francois, Gilles Thibaut, And Jacques Revaud. Copyright Mccg Llc Obo Architectural Music, Mccg Obo Jingoro Music, S U I S A, Cooperative Soc. Of Music Authors & Publishers, Chrysalis Standards, Inc. And S D R M. In addition, 10% of the company net income shall be donated to Saint Francis Church, in Hoboken, NJ on an annual basis, for hosting the service. The balance of the company net income from this song shall be donated to this scholarship fund.

Memorial Mass

May 18, 1998, 5:30 PM

Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church
308 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07310




Celebrant Rev. Michael V. Guglielmelli, ofm, Conv.

Director of Music Prof. Robert Meyers

Cantor Angelo Cerrone

Cantor Kim Dunne

Eulogy Hon. Anthony Russo, Mayor


Entrance “How Great Thou Art”
Responsorial Psalm “Shepherd Me Oh God”
Offertory “Ave Maria” (Shubert)
Communzon “Panis Angelicus”
Song of Farewell “Bring Him Home” (Les Miserables)

Recessional “My Way” ANGELO CERRONE

The inspiration for this concept...


Professor David Musial, the founder of this program, was born into a very humble family of farmer/factory workers. They had to quit high school to help on the farms. David also worked hard as a child, he practiced music for hours at a time. He used his "inventive" abilities to create pushcarts, clubhouses, eventually he learned to build Amateur "Ham" Radios, how to repair motorcycle and automobile engines. Eventually he started to be awarded with a multitude of sponsorships/scholarships which, he did not apply for. David was sent to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music and New York University under full-private sponsorships. David received a private artistic grant to create the award winning "Smart Trax". Professor David Musial went on to create the Award Winning Bachelor's Degree Music Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he secured additional grants and also inspired & supervised grants for gifted students.