Angelo Cerrone is a humble, yet incredibly dynamic talent in a variety of styles of music, stages and even in character voice creations for animated cartoons. Angelo is a very strong, high tenor, who also has been blessed with a dramatic camera friendly appearance, and has been casted in many theatrical productions. He has a great ability to improvise and has natural pitch control. As demonstrated several times on this project, Angelo has been blessed with powerful lungs, which can support very long, high notes with power, vibrato (when needed) and elegance. He has a natural gift to harmonize, so he sings many of his own harmonies. Angelo has starred in many theatrical productions and even won FIRST PLACE as the "BEST MALE LEAD ACTOR in the State of New Jersey for the prestigious "Perry Awards". Angelo sang on the unique "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence" campaign by the United States Department of Education that won an EMMY AWARD for MTV! Angelo sang on the song "Spread Peace All Over The World" which was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary. He sang for Pope John Paul II in Giants Stadium. Angelo also sang the National Anthem for the 150th Anniversary of Baseball. He has a fun sense of humor and I directed him in the creation of many cartoon character voices form the "Baydog Cartoon" Series.

Angelo has sung at thousands of masses and services in churches in his liturgical career, including weddings and funerals. In 1998, producers from the ABC TV Show called Angelo twice and said that they wanted him to appear on the show representing the city of Hoboken as the "next" talent to be launched from here. Respectfully, he refused the amazing offer. Angelo received a call from Fr. Michael to sing at a "funeral;l" service that just "came in" at Saint Francis RC Church, in Hoboken, where he was (and still is) a regular Song Leader. Angelo knew Frank Sinatra and his family. Angelo asked Fr. Michael if it was anyone he knew. The answer was it was the PUBLIC MEMORIAL SERVICE for FRANK SINATRA. Angelo was asked to sing  "MY WAY" at the recessional.

There were many national TV camera's and reporters at the event. I was Angelo's business manager and main producer at the time. I am also a professional recording engineer & liturgical musician who has performed over 100 services with Angelo in Hoboken in churches. I recorded Angelo singing close up with a classic "Sanken SM7 Stereo Condenser Microphone into a CD quality digital tape machine. I immediately sent the recording to the U.S Copyright Office and registered it as (p) 5/18/1987. It was put into a vault, NEVER RELEASED to the public in any fashion, until now 12/12/15. This recording is resisted with IDBLM 020230 for all U.S. © Mechanical and Streaming Royalties to be paid to the registered publishers. 10% of net proceeds will be donated to Saint Francis RC Church, in Hoboken, NJ 07030 and the balance of the net proceeds will be directed to the soon to be 501c3 non-profit charity, "NextGen Stars®" Scholarship, where college interns and assistants will be pid to help produced the "Next Genration of Stars".  (You can order physical CD's below.)

David Musial, Manager


Angelo Performanes, Shows and Awards

2014-2015, NextGen Stars® TV Show, Documentary about his musical career.
2009 Broadway Review, Egewater, NJ
2008 Nominated Best Supporting Actor in the New Jersey Perry Awards, "Arsenic & Old Lace"
2007 Best Male Lead Actor in the New Jersey Perry Awards, "Messugah Nuns", Weehawken Elks, Club
1998 "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence", National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE), United States Department of Education and Justice, RIAA, Emmy Award for MTV
1997 Current, Song Leader, Saint Francis RC Church, Hoboken
1996-1998 Recorded "He's Alive" Album (produced by David Musial)
1997 Sang a demo for a national "PEPSI" Radio Commercial
1996-1996 created character voices for the "Baydog" Cartoon Series (produced by David Musial)
1996 Sang the National Anthem, for the 150th Anniversary of Baseball (produced by David Musial)
1996 Sang for Pope John Paul II in Giants Stadium
1995 Sang on "Spread Peace All Over The World", used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary
1990-1997 Song Leader/Soloist, Sts Peter & Paul RC Church, Hoboken, David Musial-Director
1985-1990 Song Leader/Soloist, Sts Peter & Paul RC Church, Hoboken, Bob Meyers-Director
1985 Lake Tahoe, 2nd place Talent Contest
1985  A Funnything Happened om the way to the Forum, hoboken, Miles Gloriosus
1979 Lead role in the musical "Oklahoma", Bayonne, NJ


John Carlo Menotti, HB Studios, 10 Bank St,  NYC
David Sorin Collier